PRIDE Veterinary Medical Community (formerly LGVMA), thanks to the generosity of VCA, Zoetis and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, is proud to again offer leadership grants to veterinary students and Broad Spectrum veterinary student chapters, each in an amount not to exceed $500.00 for individuals and $1000.00 for chapters, for leadership activities and/or programs that are aligned with PRIDE VMC’s organizational mission and vision.
Specifically, grant requests will be accepted and considered for proposals in the following areas:

  • Veterinary students, or groups of students, who wish to develop and implement programs within the veterinary community or college that are aligned with PRIDE VMC’s mission and vision.* (up to $1000)
    *e.g., starting a new Broad Spectrum student chapter at your school, lecture program, fundraiser, community outreach, etc. or to enhance your current campus program.
  • Veterinary students who seek assistance to participate in leadership development programs/conferences/externships that are in aligned with PRIDE VMC’s mission and vision. Must indicate how this will empower leadership development and follow up in your career or schooling.** ( up to $500)
    ** travel, lodging, registration for a conference or event

Interested individuals or groups should request an application by emailing

Application information (PDF)

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