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Non-Discrimination Statement

Pride Veterinary Medical Community (PrideVMC) is the oldest professional organization that strives to promote acceptance, inclusivity, and leadership of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary medical students, of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender presentations. We seek to do so through community development, professional advocacy, and individual empowerment.

PrideVMC confronts and rejects all forms of prejudice, discrimination, and bias whether it be implicit or outright. Such forms include, but are not limited to, those based on race, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender presentation, size, age, parental status, religion, political beliefs, geographic, socioeconomic, and educational background.

PrideVMC membership is open to the entire animal health and veterinary community regardless of role, race, color, religion, national origin or citizenship status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, or military status. Allies are welcome!

Code of Ethics for Board Members

Goal: To establish a set of principles and practices of the Pride Veterinary Medical Community, (PrideVMC), Board of Directors that will set parameters and provide guidance and direction for board conduct and decision-making.

Code: Members of the Board of Directors of the PrideVMC are committed to observing and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of their responsibilities on the board of PrideVMC. Board members pledge to accept this code as a minimum guideline for ethical conduct and shall:

1. Faithfully abide by the Articles of Incorporation, constitution, by-laws and policies of PrideVMC.
2. Exercise reasonable care, good faith, and due diligence in organizational affairs.
3. Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information that may result in a perceived or actual conflict of interest.
4. Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information of fact that would have significance in board decision-making.
5. Remain accountable for prudent fiscal management to association members, the board, and nonprofit sector, and where applicable, to government and funding bodies.

Professional Excellence
6. Maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect, and objectivity in all PrideVMC activities.
7. Strive to uphold those practices and assist other PrideVMC members of the board in upholding the highest standards of conduct.

Personal Gain
8. Exercise the powers invested for the good of all members of the organization rather than for his or her personal benefit, or that of the nonprofit they represent.

Equal Opportunity
9. Ensure the right of all association members to appropriate and effective services without discrimination on the basis of geography, political, religious, or socioeconomic characteristics of the state or region represented.
10. Ensure the right of all association members to appropriate and effective services without discrimination on the basis of the organization’s volunteer or staff makeup in respect to gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, race, religion, age, political affiliation or disability, in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Confidential Information
11. Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information known due to board service. Abide by the Confidentiality Agreement for PrideVMC.

Collaboration and Cooperation
12. Respect the diversity of opinions as expressed or acted upon by the PrideVMC board, committees, working groups, and membership, and formally register dissent as appropriate.
13. Promote collaboration, cooperation, and partnership among association members.

AVMA and NAVTA Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics
14. Adhere to the AVMA and NAVTA Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics.

PrideVMC fosters board development and diversity.

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