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2020 PrideVMC Veterinary Student Leadership Grants

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SAVMA’s SPRING interschool collaboration grant 

The deadline for the 2019 cycle has passed.

SAVMA’s Integrative Communication and Diversity Committee, ICDC, is proud to announce the release of the much anticipated initiative, the Interschool Collaboration Grant which has AGAIN INCREASED IN THE AMOUNT! This grant aims to foster collaboration between the different veterinary institutions as they work together to share ideas, offer support, and put on great events centered around Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. In order to qualify for this grant, your school’s local diversity-based chapters (VOICE, Broad Spectrum/PrideVMC, WVLDI, SCORE, or other diversity-oriented student groups) will pair with the chapter(s) at another school in order to work together to put on an exciting joint event between both schools. Each school is limited to only one other school for pairing, and it is our hope that you will get your entire school involved in this unique collaboration, so that you get the most out of your experience.

In order to facilitate the pairings, we are providing a list of all the mentor and mentee schools along with their main contact here as well as a detailed document outlining the steps to make your pairings as successful as possible. Each school should feel free to reach out and find the match from the mentor/mentee list provided. The paired clubs with the most impactful events with the greatest participation at each school will be awarded the first prize of $1000 for each school in the pair, while the runner ups will be awarded $750 for each school in the pair. The deadline to submit your application for this grant will be on March 11th 2019 at 11:59pm. Happy pairing!

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