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June 2019 marks 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising, a pivotal moment in LGBTQ+ history and this summer; the whole world is invited to celebrate in New York City, including the world of Veterinary Medicine.

Pride Veterinary Medical Community (formerly LGVMA) is excited to announce that our organization will be participating in World Pride 2019 in NYC. We are partnering with all the interested veterinary associations, veterinary organizations, and industry partners to gather up to 400 parade participants this June 30th for World Pride 2019. . (Please scroll down to see all the organizations that are supporting Veterinary World Pride!)

Having the veterinary profession represented on the world stage is a unique and rare opportunity.  If you or your organization is interested in being a supporter, contact us at Consider making a donation to our Facebook Fundraiser to help us with our logistics of this historical opportunity for the veterinary profession.

Part of Pride VMC’s mission is to foster acceptance and inclusivity and, in that spirit, we want to provide the opportunity for you to march with us and unite in pride for the LGBTQ+ Veterinary Medical Community. We invite you and your organization to join us in this monumental opportunity to showcase the LGBTQ+ veterinary community by marching together on Sunday, June 30.  For updates, join our Facebook event, our Facebook group.  To sign up and RSVP to march with us, please send us your RSVP by email to Please send us all names and email addresses and you will all receive event details.  After June 7, we cannot guarantee a complimentary t-shirt and swag bag, but we plan to have enough for the first 300 RSVPs.


You must have RSVP’d to march with the veterinary contingent in the parade. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate anyone else who has not already registered.

We will be meeting at a to-be-determined location prior to the parade step off.

Please view/download this PDF for more information about marching in the parade.

Parade route: Step off is at noon on Sunday, June 30th from 26th Street and 5th Avenue before heading west on 8th Street. After crossing over 6th Avenue, the march will continue on Christopher Street, passing the site designated in 2016 by President Barack Obama as the Stonewall National Monument. It will then turn north on 7th Avenue, passing the New York City AIDS Memorial, before dispersing in Chelsea just north of 23rd Street and 7th Avenue.


Transportation to and from the parade, as well as housing, are not provided for this event.

Hope to see you there! And please thank all of our supporters of Veterinary World Pride!

World Pride Sponsors:

Pride VMC Industry Partners:


International Supporters:




Veterinary School Supporters:



LGBTQ Affiliate Supporters:


QueerVets of Germany

Affiliate Supporters:




World Pride Donations:

Champagne Donors   $2501+

Lavender Donors       $501-$2500
American Veterinary Medical Association

Flamingo Donors       0-$500

Dan Aja, DVM
American Veterinary Medical Foundation
Kirk Breuringer, VMD
Mia Su Cary, DVM
Tabatha Chaftin, DVM & Shelia Ellis, Port Royal Veterinary Hospital
Caitlin DeWilde, DVM
Janet Donlin, DVM
Cheryl Good, DVM
Ken Gorczyca, DVM
Sandy Hazanow, DVM
Penny Iliff, DVM
Susan Janin
Joe Kinnarney, DVM
Jolle Kirpensteijn, DVM, PhD, Chief professional Veterinary Officer, Hill’s US
Malcolm Kram, DVM
Ellen Lowery, DVM
Andrew Maccab, DVM
Beckie  Mossor, RVT
Vikki Magaraci, CVT
Melinda Merck, DVM
Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital, San Francisco
Amy Stone, DVM
Bruce Truman & Mark C. Sharp, DVM
Steve Wilkerson
Eric Garcia, DVM
Loren Hickton
Adrian Hochstadt, DVM
Tesha Hoff
Debra Lambert, Snout School
Kathleen Ruby
Jodie Taggett
Patricia Thomblison
Kimberly Jarosz, DVM
American Photos, Graphics and Design
Doug Aspros, DVM
Karen Bradley, DVM
Karen Buchinger, DVM
Crystal Cuadra-Culter
Jeff Collins, DVM
Ted Cohn, DVM
Michael Dibler, DVM
Omar Farias, VMD
Michael Hulton, MD
Vanessa Mariani
Kristin Miller, DVM
Apryl Steel, DVM
Elizabeth Thomas
Mel Vassey, DVM

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