PrideVMC Statement on recent Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Once again, our rights are under attack. PrideVMC absolutely and unapologetically rejects the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. This completely outrageous and abhorrent decision is in direct opposition to our mission and vision and everything we stand for. We strive every day to create a better world for the LGBTQ+ veterinary community by creating a space for folks to be their authentic selves. This ruling in every way, shape, and form places the highest court in the land in direct conflict with this mission.

progressive pride flagOur number one strategic priority is to educate and advocate for our community through an intersectional and anti-racist lens. This SCOTUS decision disproportionately impacts marginalized communities including BIPOC folks, people who cannot afford access to health care that should be their right, and folks who may be limited in ability to travel to receive the care they need. Once again, it is clear that this decision is in direct opposition to PrideVMC’s values as an organization.

This is an outrage, and we simply cannot stand for this. If there was ever a time to fight for our rights, it is now. We will stand up and stand with all of the people across this country who have just had their fundamental right to exist put under scrutiny by this decision. Make no mistake, the queer community is next. If all of those people celebrating this decision felt emboldened by a direct attack on all women, you can be sure that queer folks are next in their sites. We will not let this happen to our community; we have come too far and we recognize the importance of our rights to exist. We will not go back. EVER.

The time to get involved is now. Vote, protest, get in the street and make noise, donate, get involved in whatever way you can. If they are going to attack us from the top down, we will rise from the bottom up and create a wave of change so great that they will be overcome. We must be outraged and turn that outrage into action. Stand with PrideVMC in our opposition to this decision and get involved to fight against it. Never, ever give up the fight.



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