By Kristelle Beecher, MBA

National Veterinary Associates (NVA) continues to find new ways to offer value to their teams and communities. As the largest private owner of freestanding veterinary hospitals, NVA owns more than 1,000 locations and supports over 14,000 veterinary professionals. With our clients being at the forefront of the service we provide, recognizing the varied backgrounds and experiences of our community starts internally.

NVA fosters an environment where each team member can feel comfortable being their true selves at work. With the heightened displays of discrimination seen globally in the world today, the more important it is for organizations to promote confidence in our uniqueness. NVA has chosen to meet this opportunity head on and offers safe spaces in various inclusion groups named NVAllies. NVAllies consists of 7 core groups: Black Allies, Families of NVA, LatinX Amig@s, Pan-Asian Council (PAC), Pride of NVA, Women’s Network, and Veterans of NVA.

Each inclusion group garners a mission to serve and support awareness for their ally group, while also bridging the gap for equality:

  • Black Allies is focused on a mission to create spaces that inspire racial equity for the Black community by leveraging discourse, education, community action, and ally support.
  • Our Families of NVA inclusion group seeks to further NVA’s awareness and inclusivity of employees with families or unique family situations by creating a safe space for honest communication, as well as providing resources, events and programs based on the feedback and desires of our members.
  • LatinX Amig@s exists to celebrate LatinX culture, contributions, and connections within and outside NVA. We aim to empower and serve LatinX employees to reach their full potential, through fostering awareness and influencing organizational initiatives.
  • The Pan-Asian Council (PAC) has a goal to celebrate and promote the rich and diverse Asian cultures which make NVA a stronger company.
  • The Women’s Network seeks to unite women across NVA by creating a positive, safe place to build relationships and develop through empowerment and collaboration.
  • Veterans of NVA has a mission to unite Veterans across NVA by creating a network to build relationships, encourage collaboration and enhance personal and professional development.
  • Pride of NVA has a mission to create a safe haven for LGBTQIA+ and their allies in the workplace.

diverse people high fivingThe aforementioned efforts of our groups represent the steps NVA is taking in bridging the inclusion gap in our society. NVA is not just creating a more inclusive place for our own community, but striving to create more opportunities for underrepresented minority groups to also enter into the field. With each milestone, NVA is committing to create equitable spaces where all individuals feel that they belong.

NVA has a goal to inspire our team members and clients, as well as organizations inside and outside of the Veterinary Medicine industry. Through the continued efforts of all members of our inclusion groups, we hope to continue practicing compassionate care to not just our pets, but to the valued members of our communities.

Kristelle Beecher, MBA is a Senior Associate of Talent and Learning at National Veterinary Associates. Kristelle leads the organization and strategy for NVA’s inclusion groups and promotes literacy and awareness around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her passion lies within supporting an environment where individuals feel motivated to be their best selves.

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