By Angelina Morgan, CVPM – Regional Director, NY/NJ and Jonathan Grindley, DVM – Medical Director, South Brooklyn

Featured pic cred: Aaron Blanco Tejedor,

Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), the world’s veterinary emergency brand that helps people and their pets when they need it most, is a group of emergency only pet hospitals across the country (20 and counting!) with a collection of individuals who hail from various backgrounds – all with a commitment to preserving unity by the agency of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Through this internal commitment at VEG, we can have the best impact on the communities we collectively serve.veterinary emergency group building

There is a growing call for unbiased interpersonal consideration in our society, manifested in our personal lives. In this regard, cultural awareness and sensitivity play a greater role in conflict resolution.

Black History Month Initiative at VEG

Black History Month (February) is a particularly special time and celebrates Black Pride in the face of oppression, marginalization, and exclusion. The staff at our flagship hospital in White Plains, New York understood the need to celebrate the movement and mobilized to support a grassroots initiative combating racial injustice.

One of their assistants, Paolo Pacheco, graciously volunteered to support the movement by creating some swag.

With a focus on visibility and equality, Paolo created a design and dropped a line of Black Lives Matter (BLM) t-shirts and hoodies for White Plains. He also pledged his design company, Truco Fashion, to donate half of the revenue to

Angelina Morgan, our Regional Director of NY/NJ, led the charge to expand the project and floated the idea to our marketing team. In response, VEG not only agreed to expand the project VEG-wide, but they also committed to match the fundraiser – 100%. Paolo has been busy these days with well over 100 orders already! VEGgies nationwide are putting in orders (keep ‘em coming) and the window to participate ends on March 31st.

The efforts of Angelina, Paolo, and the White Plains crew are commendable and signify the devotion of the VEG family to inclusion. Such an endeavor is, thankfully, not unique.

The DEI Initiatives dedicated to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ efforts at VEG are also building bridges of communication across cultural lines. Led by Jonathan Grindley and Stiles Foster, respectively, they aim to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion through education and advocacy.

VEG Values Openness and Togetherness

VEG is distinguished both in its open approach to social responsibility and in its core values of Openness and Togetherness, which align with those of the DEI Initiative. We can boldly say that working at VEG is something that we brag about to our friends. It’s amazing to see a company stand together to relentlessly ensure that everyone has equal visibility and volume at the table.

We hope to create an applicable model for the profession at large to tend to its cultural curiosity and edification, and we’re happy to be taking off with the initiative, from the ground floor.

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