By Jay Jacobs, Hill’s Pride Tribe Member

My identity, sexual, gender, professional, personal, public, private, familial, spiritual, and so many other aspects of who I am, has never been static. The more I experience, do, and understand of myself and the world results in my continually reinventing myself. Seldom has my identity matched the simple, restrictive, and damaging archetypes defined by our culture. Though I seldom strive to impose my identity onto those with limited views on the subject, I also rarely let their views subjugate me to fit myself into their molds. It happens, on occasion, but seldom for long and never without consequences.

It is uncommon to be fortunate enough to find a workplace that not only accepts diversity, but embraces it with a passion. Most employers want easily exchanged cogs in the machinery of business. When you can be a part of an organization that is not only open, but welcoming, you have to celebrate that blessing. That is why I am so proud to work for Hill’s Pet Nutrition.  As a company we lead not only in pet nutrition, but we care about each other, provide individuals with choices, and create a positive environment that attracts and retains the best talent. 

hills pronouns2020 was not only a year of exploring new ways to work for Hill’s, but it proved to be a year of more flexibility and opportunities for positive change. We have embraced our diverse community and have made it not only policy to utilize personal pronouns, but have provided tools for our people to express their identities in their email signatures, business cards, name badges and more.

At Hill’s, we don’t just talk the talk of diversity, we get our paws on the ground and walk it every day. Inclusion, not just acceptance, is what makes a community stronger. Find a way to include others, not just accept them, and you are never alone!

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