Last night PrideVMC was honored to present “Health and Wellbeing among LGBTQ+ Veterinary Professionals and Students: The Impact of Institutional Climate” with Dr. Tracy Witte.  This virtual event was hosted by PrideVMC President Dr. Dane Whitaker was open to all.  The recording for the webinar and Dr. Witte’s slides can be found in this folder.

During this webinar Dr. Witte’s shared a variety of data points including a recent JAVMA article, focused on the experiences of 440 LGBTQ+ professionals and students in the veterinary profession, living in the United States and United Kingdom. Overall, results showed comparatively high rates of suicide ideation and suicide attempts among LGBTQ+ professionals and students, and the relationship between climate variables and negative mental health outcomes suggested enhanced efforts are needed to improve the climates in veterinary workplaces and colleges. 

Two of the many important take home messages:

  1. Supportiveness of an environment, including workplace culture, is critical.
  2. In order to serve the LGBTQ+ veterinary community we need to continue collecting more demographic data on gender identity and sexual orientation throughout vet med.  This not only informs the research but also helps members of the LGBTQ+ community be seen.

Dr. Witte Bio

Dr. Tracy Witte (she, her, hers) received her BS in psychology from The Ohio State University in 2004 and her MS and PhD in clinical psychology from Florida State University in 2006 and 2010, respectively. She completed her clinical psychology residency at Brown Medical School in 2010, and she is a licensed psychologist in the state of Alabama. Currently, Dr. Witte is the Jane Dickson Lanier Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Auburn University. Her research is broadly concerned with understanding and preventing suicidal behavior, and she has a line of research focused on mental health outcomes in veterinarians. 

Witte et al study report in JAVMA

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