PrideVMC meets monthly with ten veterinary profession affinity groups to collaborate, share resources, and identify ways to amplify each other’s voices.  Together we are launching a “Vote!” campaign in late August so stay tuned for that.  Our current focus, led by the MCVMA, is an initiative to engage and collaborate with the AVMA to mobilize and lead true change across the veterinary profession with a focused priority of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in vet med.

Please consider amplifying the message and signing the petition (both organizationally and individually).  Our goal is to continue working WITH the AVMA and we are very excited to be continuing this collaboration.  Our president, Dr. Dane Whitaker is representing PrideVMC in these discussions. 

Our conversations with the AVMA team are ongoing so please learn more about this important priority via the website linked below.

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