Today, PrideVMC celebrates the momentous U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision protecting LGBTQ+ individuals from employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  This is a great victory for our community.  We owe a substantial debt of gratitude to Aimee Stephens, Gerald Bostock, and Donald Zarda, the brave LGBTQ+ individuals responsible for bringing these cases to SCOTUS.

While yesterday’s decision was an important victory for our community, last Friday’s decision by the Trump administration to reverse health care and health insurance protections for the transgender community was a devastating blow and demonstrates that we must continue to fight for equality in all sectors. 

We recognize the struggles that our trans sisters and brothers of color have gone through to ensure that our rights as LGBTQ+ people are protected and upheld. Many of us have lost our families, our friends, and even our lives to fight for these rights. So, while we celebrate the SCOTUS decision, we recognize the sacrifices that have been made to ensure these freedoms. Now more than ever we stand up to fight for our rights, as trans, as BIPOC, as LGBTQ+, we unite and continue to push back against oppression to ensure that all of us are seen, protected, and held.

In solidarity, celebration, and determination,

The PrideVMC Board of Directors

Picture credit: Transgender Law Center

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