Dear PrideVMC members,

I wanted to reach out to you all regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. I know that many of our in- boxes have been inundated with emails offering support, advice and encouragement during this difficult time. Times of crisis can have devastating impacts on all of us and can be especially difficult for LGBTQ+ folks as we often feel stressed by issues of everyday life that many take for granted.

PrideVMC is here to help if needed. One of the key pillars of our organization is to provide advocacy and support to our community and this will continue uninterrupted despite the pandemic. If any of our veterinary medical community needs support around feeling isolated, how to use remote platforms to feel connected, or any questions that come up around being LGBTQ+ during this crisis, we can help provide answers for you. There may be questions that we do not have the direct answers to, but we can help brainstorm solutions and guide you towards resources that can help get your questions answered.

Much of our outreach as an organization relies upon meetings at various conferences, speaking engagements, and Pride celebrations around the country. As you know, these meetings and gatherings have been cancelled or postponed. I want you all to know that we are working towards rescheduling many of these events and moving to virtual platforms when possible. This is a good time to remind everyone that our quarterly virtual town halls will be a great way for us to stay connected. Be sure to tune into the next one coming up on Tuesday May, 12 at 7pm CT.  We are waiting to hear from San Francisco Pride to see if the celebration will be postponed or cancelled. We are committed to keeping you all up to date on schedules and events as they unfold.

Please remember, we are stronger together and with each other’s support, we will get through this. Feel free to reach out to us any time through

Additional COVID-19 resources are just below.  Definitely check out the wellbeing podcast from Drs. Jen Brandt and Marci Kirk.

Stay well and be safe,


Dane Whitaker, DVM, MPVM

PrideVMC Board President

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