Companies looking to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment need to search for solutions internally and at the top, according to entrepreneurs and founders speaking at the Forbes Under 30 Summit Europe.

This article was originally published on December 1, 2019  by Sofia Lotto Persio on

Henrike Luszick, founder and CEO of Bridgemaker, explained how her position is fundamental in setting the tone for how her company promotes diversity. “You need to embrace it and do it right from the start—implement it in the recruitment processes,” she says.

Her fellow panelists at the Berlin summit agreed. “Companies need to take a stand,” says Laura Tynan, founder of Global Association of Female Entrepreneurs.

Matilda von Gierke, founder and managing partner at Zalvus, advices: “You need to start tackling the problem at the early stage.” Her company’s mission is to revolutionize recruiting, and von Gierke has a simple mantra: “I’m a huge fan of hiring people that are smarter than you.”

For von Gierke, that also meant working with a team of which she is one the youngest members—and while that was challenging at first, she found a way to make it work for herself. “What you achieve in life is more important than a date on a passport,” she says.

A key advice from the panel was to be comfortable in being and believing in yourself. Luszick shared some of the early challenges her business, the Berlin-based corporate company builder Bridgemaker, faced.

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